Valentine’s Day photoshoot – PRIDEMARK

A little before the famous yearly celebration of love the 14th February, it was unconceivable for Pridemark not to come up with a new fashion photoshoot revealing its new collection.

As success comes from the preparation, we rushed to find the three essential factors necessary for any shoot: the theme, the place and the models. Once we agreed to have a romantic, old school and vintage fashion shoot, the place came to us quite naturally. What better than Le Château de Labourdonnais, the stunning restored colonial house from the nineteenth century, to suit best the theme? In the intention of bringing out the diversity of our country, we opted for a mixed couple: Kerina, an Indian type model and Michael, a Chinese type model.

It’s the D-day and, the whole crew, composed of the make-up artist, the hair-stylist, photographer, videographer, stylists, art director and assistants, is already on site early in the morning. It’s 8 a.m, the makeup and hair styling can start for our two models.

An hour later, we are all at the heart of the magnificent natural estate, at the back of the castle in its flourishing tropical garden. There, we discover the young ‘lovers’ in a vintage, pastel and relax clothes, ready to shoot! It feels quite awkward for the two to act as if they are a real couple but they are both determined to get their act together in order to make this shoot a successful one. So here they are;  hand in hand, loving gaze, goofily smiling… In short, “lovers comme jamais!”

At this time of the year, summer is at its peak and the weather is not only very very hot, but humid as well. Barely 5 minutes did we start and it’s already raining. But this can’t put us off! Thankfully, the castle is full of beautiful places to shoot. So, without any stress, we move towards the veranda. With its marble flooring, it looks perfect for the photographer and videographer as they have another type of framework to exploit.

In the second part of the photoshoot, the two lovebirds are still plunged in the nineties but now more sensual, sexy, with a mysterious touch. Equipped with different accessories like flower crown, basket lunch, the two models looks more and more like a true couple; real actors!

For the next part of the photoshoot, we got the permission to proceed inside the castle. The latter is divinely restored and decked up with authentic furniture, tapestry and flooring; our team is literally travelling over time… However we have to be very careful about everything, especially the photographer with his lighting. Important to keep in mind that we are here to make the most of this amazing house not to cause any trouble.

Still in wonder in front of the luxurious colonial house, we see the beautiful model Kerina, barefoot, wearing a black dress, sensually walking down the stairs under the admiring glance of Michael. In another scene, we can see him well dressed, under the veranda, impatiently waiting for his valentine. Kerina joined him and we can already guess that there is a great Valentine’s day ahead…

Follow this link to discover some photographs from our fashion photoshoot under the sign of love…


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