Urban photoshoot – PRIDEMARK

For its last summer campaign, Pridemark teamed up with Mataora and had an amazing photoshoot at Port-Louis.

This morning, 7 o’clock sharp, art director, stylist, make-up artist, photographer, videographer, assistants as well as our 4 models, all are ready to rock the roads of our city!

As we arrive on site, we take some time to find an appropriate parking. Also, the warm temperature and the crowd abounds as usual !

But it’s in an hectic mood, with colored make up, wavy hair and dressed in an urban and “caliente” style that our models start the first session of our photoshoot. They do a great job containing their excitement and nervousness when working in a hot weather and observed by the passers-by who stop to watch the beautiful scenes. The atmosphere is so cool and fun that even one of the spectator (an old but cheerful man) lend himself to the game by imitating one of the models.

Our models: Phoebe, a blond girl, Poonam, an indian type model, Olivier, a Metisse model, and Quentin, a Caucasian type model, all very professional and motivated are very concerned and are quite comfortable in posing publicly. To the delight of our photographer and videographer!

It’s in this excellent and positive state of mind that we proceed with the next part of the shoot: more exotic with bright colored clothes. In order to really bring out the prints, colors and uniqueness of the outfits, our stylist has spot interesting and special places like an old bus with old leather blue seats. Epic experience for the team! We also opt for other typical parts of the city such as old walls, old museums, old doors and paving stones which give rise to an interesting mixture of the colonial style with the modern world.

When it comes to the brighter urban clothes accompanied by plentiful accessories, the team strays away from the usual and dim tone of the capital to a more vivid series of photos, shot against the city’s most color-drenched street art from the past well-known festival of Porlwi by Light.

Fashionista till the end, the models even benefit of a ‘fashion bus’ which helps to store the clothes, do the make-up retouching, the hair style and to dress up the models.

Discover our work from this wonderful day…

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